Our Colour Experiences

We use TIGI copyright©olour which has been developed to allow total freedom to mix colours any and every way whilst having the confidence that results will be as expected.


Providing a colouring palette from which limitless colour creations can be crafted, the TIGI copyright©olour range allows each and every client to have unique colour personalised for their

The Colour Room

All colour room services require a finish from style lounge

Skin test required 48 hours prior to technical services 

Glossing Colour

Delivering beautiful shine-appeal results on hair in any colour. Grey hair can even get full, intense coverage. Apermanent hair colour is applied on small sections of hair. Starting at the root we will ensure even and extensive coverage to achieve a perfect result. Our extensive colour chart offers a massive choice of shades and tones


Re-growth Tint

Top up your full-head colour previously applied. Covering natural-colour new growth and adds renewed colour depth and shine so that your hair looks in great condition




Bleach & Tone

Using Tigi True Light to bleach the hair and applying a toner to give all over blonde bombshell look. It delivers fast, flawless results while protecting hair’s integrity




Top me up..

The perfect post-colour boost to refresh your coloured or highlighted, hair fully refreshed and infinitely shiny. Also Ideal for that added colour refresh in-between colour visits



Men’s Colour

Whether it be combing colour through the hair to cover those unwanted grey hairs or a scattering of colour throughout the ends of the hair to enhance the texture of your haircut. This permanent colour is available in an endless variety of shades and tones






Ombre with root tint





Additional Colour

(Tint in-between foils)


Tone Change

(Toner post pre-lighting)






Beautiful, clear, crisp highlights emphasising the focal point of a haircut. They give a funky and sophisticated look, adding depth and dimension to hair. We offer a range of highlighting experiences including full head highlights on Short Medium and long hair, half head highlights or a T-section through the parting and across the front



Foils are small envelopes of hair that are carefully woven out from a section taken close to the scalp and then wrapped in tin-foil for processing.  This technique allows the colourist to vary the volume of colour in any area by the amount of hair woven out of the section this allows multiple shades and tones throughout the head. The result is tailored to you and carefully chosen to emphasize your haircut and styling choices





This is a maintenance highlighting service working along the parting and the front hair line



Half head highlights

Working through the top section of the head 



Full Head highlighting

Complete highlighting result throughout the whole head from lightest blonde to a mixture of high and lowlighting techniques

Medium £55 

Long      £60



Colour Correction

If you have a colour catastrophe – don't panic, we have the experience, skills and techniques to help you


At David Sebastian salons we will do all we can to help you achieve the look you're looking for and one of our colour experts will discuss with your options to achieving the look you want. Common Colour correction examples are explained below


Changing Colour on Previously Coloured Hair

Changing your hair colour is often not as simple as applying a new shade over the top. If you hair has been coloured before you could have different shades at the ends because of sun lightening or frequent washing, there is likely to be root re-growth in your natural shade, and there could be a build-up of colour on the mid-lengths that is too dark A change of colour under these circumstances means dealing with each part of the hair individually, using different shades and tones on each section


Fixing imbalances or shade problems

From dealing with hair that is too yellow or removing ugly dark bands where tint has been over-applied too many times


Colour Disasters

Often complicated problems will require stripping colour from some sections whilst adding tone to others. Your Colour Expert will review every part of your hair to