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The perfect style at David Sebastian.


Welcome to your contemporary hairdressing salon. We believe your hair is an asset, expressing style and beauty.

We’d like to invite you to David Sebastian


You’ll find us nestled within The Strand Arcade which was created in the early 1870s and was built to replicate London’s Burlington Arcade, in this charismatic spot we’ve sought to establish a salon that offers the comforts, charm and congenial atmosphere of home,


Our philosophy is that good hairstyling is an experience shaped by many factors. The ability of your stylist is indisputably essential, but no more than you should expect. Every bit as important is the quality of communication between you and your stylist, agreeable surroundings, and considerate service that puts you at your ease. We promise…


Good communication

We want to give you lasting style that continues to feel great long after you’ve left the salon, so we take time to understand your desired look and how that fits into your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to give us your input or ask questions; we value the discussion and will be pleased to explain the methodologies and techniques we use.

The right amount of time

We don’t work to a rigid pattern of appointments. If you need extra time – perhaps because your style or hair type requires it, or because you want to discuss a new look – we’ll be happy to provide it. Or, if you tell us you’re in a hurry, we’ll advise how long the appointment is likely to take.


Step inside and leave behind the hurly burly of hectic life. From the elegant, understated charm of our listed Georgian interiors, to the smart surroundings of our bespoke-designed task rooms, we’ve endeavored to create an environment that is a pleasure to experience.


As salon owners we try to think of all the little touches that will make your visit a memorable one. Quite honestly our aim is to be the best hair salon in our industry and we strive on a daily basis to be exactly that.